Our Sauerkrauts are 100% raw and loaded with probiotics and enzymes

The use of Sauerkraut as a food can be traced back thousands of years, with historical evidence suggesting that workers consumed a version of pickled cabbage while working on the Great Wall of China. It is also well known that the Roman Army used to travel with barrels of Sauerkraut, using it to prevent intestinal infections (and other benefits) during long excursions. More recently, Captain James Cook circumnavigated the world without losing a single sailor to scurvy, thanks to the foods his ship carried, which included sixty barrels of sauerkraut (which is high in vitamin C).

We have six different sauerkrauts:

Traditional Russian White
containing: green cabbage, carrots, apples, himilayan pink salt and caraway seeds

Traditional Russian Red
containing: green cabbage, beets, black radishes, carrots, apples, himilayan pink salt and caraway seeds

Ginger Turmeric
containing: green cabbage, carrots, baby ginger, turmeric, himilayan pink salt

Kimchi Style (formerly Spicy Garlic Ginger)
containing: green cabbage, carrots, garlic, ginger, scallions, himilayan pink salt and red chile pepper powder

Garlic Pickle
containing: green cabbage, cucumbers, himilayan pink salt, green onions, garlic and dill


Simply Caraway
containing: green cabbage, himilayan pink salt, caraway seeds, juniper berries and bay leaves

Our Krauts are always wild fermented (without the use of any starter cultures or whey) for well over 4 weeks in their own natural juices (we never add water/brine), we always use only 100% organic ingredients in all of our products, and all of our fermented products are 100% raw and never heated in any way!